The Company

Elia Kirby - Principal and Business Manager

Elia Kirby (BA, SFU; MA, UBC), is a professional Technical Director and Production Manager for Theatre, Public Art, and Live Events. Significant  recent projects include: scenery for Times of India Film Awards (May 2013, BC Place), CODE Live (VanOc 2010), Calm, Plaza, and Horizon Sky for Vancouver Art Gallery Off Site, West Side Story set construction for Vancouver Opera, and the international tours of Dress Me Up In Your Love, (Theatre Replacement) and Winners and Losers (Theatre Replacement and Neworld Theatre). In 2003, Elia founded and continues to manage the Great Northern Way Scene Shop, where he has been involved in over 300 art projects, theatre and film sets, and performance events. Elia has taught Production Management and Technical Direction at Capilano University, UBC and SFU; and Human Geography at UBC.  Elia grew up with the  Caravan Stage Company, the world's foremost horse drawn theatre company. Elia has worked on site-specific spectacle theatre in the UK with   Welfare State International & Theatre of Fire; and with Legs on the Wall in Australia.  Elia is currently the President of the Arts Factory Society at 281 Industrial Avenue; a professional artist studio facility.

Marietta Kozak - General Manager

Marietta Kozak has been working in the professional art and entertainment world since the early 1980’s. Since then, she has produced many hit productions, including Sex Tips for Modern Girls and The Number 14 and continues to work as producer on such diverse projects as the Stanley Park Ghost Train and last year’s Salmon Row at the Britannia Shipyards in Richmond. Marietta has been a financial manager and consultant for many companies, including Touchstone Theatre, the Caravan Farm Theatre, Playwrights Theatre Centre and Full Circle, First Nations. She currently manages Mortal Coil Performance Society (since 2005), Elia Kirby Productions Limited (since 2009) and is the bookkeeper for Left Right Minds Initiatives, Uzume Taiko, NOW Orchestra and other small companies. Marietta is the board Secretary of the Arts Factory Society and working to develop 281 Industrial Avenue into Artists Studios.


Kyle Sutherland - Lead Scenic Carpenter

Kyle has been a carpenter at the Great Northern Way Scene Shop since the fall of 2007, where he now serves as a Head Scenic Carpenter. In his time here he has built for countless theatre, opera and other performance art sets, a few TV shows, and many differing fine art installations and corporate setups. Since graduating with a BFA from the University of Victoria’s Theatre Program in 2004, he has worked as a Theatre Technician and Scenic Carpenter in Montréal and Calgary, spent a year and a half perfecting his scenic carpentry skills at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Alberta, built custom cabinetry and installations with several companies in Vancouver, and currently also works as a freelance carpenter and designer here in town. Kyle also serves as a Designer-In-Residence with Vancouver’s ITSAZOO Productions, where he has designed and built the sets and props for nearly every show produced since 2007. In his  free time he enjoys cycling, hiking, snowboarding, music, gaming, and spending his time with friends and family.

Angela Carlson - Production & Shop Manager

Angela Carlson (BFA) joined the team at the Great Northern Way Scene Shop in the spring of 2008, was the Head Scenic Artist from 2010 to 2017, and now is the Shop Production Manager. She has contributed to the production of large and small theatrical, institutional, and commerical sets and props including Times of India Film Awards 2013, Sweeney Todd and West Side Story for Vancouver Opera 2011, CODE Live for the Vancouver Olympics 2010. She has painted sets for numerous theatrical and commercial production companies such as the Arts Club, the Cultch, Gateway Theatre, Bard on the Beach, Theatre la Seizieme, Mortal Coil Performance Society, Caravan Farm, and more. She has also designed and built masks and costumes for Caravan Stage in Italy and the United States. Prior to her work in theatre, Angela designed, created, marketed, and taught functional and sculptural ceramics in the Northern interior and central interior of British Columbia.

Justus Hayes - Lead Scenic Painter

Sandy Peters - Scenic Painter & Designer

Michael "Che" Campbell - Steel Fabricator & SFX

Adam Curry - Lead Scenic Carpenter

Randy Biro - Transportation Coordinator

Randy Biro has been associated with Elia Kirby Productions for approx. seven years. In this time he has also been and continues to be Head Stage Carpenter for Vancouver’s Ballet British Columbia. He moved back to Canada ten years ago from Los Angeles after living in the U.S. since the mid to late eighties. The return to Canada came after he chose to stop touring in the music industry. He was a Production Manager/Stage Manager/ and Backline Technician for countless musical acts but primarly focusing on A.I.C. Touring Inc (Alice In Chains), Telepunkin Touring Inc. (SoundGarden), and Mystery White Boy Touring Inc. (Jeff Buckley). Along with these musical acts there were countless additional acts too many to list. He also owned his own company (Birotec) that staffed many tours and supplied technical support as well. He has traveled the world with these musical acts and with all the many places to choose from to live in he chose Vancouver, B.C.  He is presently looking forward to continue along the same lines that the past seven years has given him. He has incorporated his company with Cory Mason (Masonix) into Elia Kirby Productions with the intentions of offering affordable logistics to an industry that is constantly in need of cutting corners but not by cutting quality and this is where EKP excels.  Randy is very proud of his decisions to stay within the EKP organization and will continue to do so until he realizes his ambitions and only then will he reassess what comes next.

Sharon Fergus - Project Manager

Sharon began her career in 1989 as an Apprentice Carpenter in her hometown of Chester, UK, at the Gateway Theatre. Moving on to hone her craft, she has worked in rep theatres, prop and scenic workshops across England and Scotland. She was the youngest person to ever teach Scenic Carpentry at a degree level at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London. Sharon has built sets and props in different materials for everything from Shakespeare's Glove Theatre to large productions in London's West End. She has also worked on television and film sets in London and Glasgow, in workshops and film studios, whilst also designing and making furniture for her own clients.

Sharon moved to Vancouver in 2009 with her partner. Since arriving in Vancouver she has continued to work as a Scenic Carpenter and Workshop/Construction Manager. Sharon loves the Vancouver lifestyle and makes the most of living in such a beautiful city, kayaking, swimming, rock climbing, enjoying the beaches and mountains. She also continues to follow her passion for photography, making furniture for herself, and more recently, silver smithing.

Sharon joined the GNW team in 2013 as a Project Manager, using her years of experience in the industry to manager various corporate, institution and theatre construction projects, as well as the daily running of the shop. Significant projects since moving to Vancouver: Construction Manager for Royal Canadian Mint store, Olympic events and Project manger for the Times of India Film Awards.

Ryan Murcar - Scene Shop Foreman and Lead Carpenter

Ryan Murcar

Ryan has been around in the arts since 2004. He went to college at Red Deer College after which he spent a year at the Banff Centre for the Arts under the mentorship of Lyle Fish. From there, Ryan spent two seasons in Ontario working at The Shaw Festival in Niagara On The Lake. In the fall of 2008 Ryan moved to Vancouver and began working with the GNW Scene Shop shortly there after. Since then he has been making a living working in the various facets of Vancouver's arts industry. Ryan is works on lights, sound,rigging, scenic construction, and technical direction as part of his duties at the shop.