Past Projects

Banff Display and Signage


  • Display and Signage, Banff, 2014
  • Designed by and built for BLD Decor and Scenery

Glacier Skywalk


  • Model of Glacier Skywalk in the Rocky Mountains
  • Designed by and built for BLD Decor and Scenery, 2014

Vancouver Art Gallery, Off Site: MadeIn Company, "Calm", April 26 - Septemer 29, 2013

Vancouver Art Gallery, Off Site: Damian Moppett, November 8, 2012 - April 1, 2013


  • Theatre Under the Stars, July 8 - August 18, 2012
  • Directed and Choreographed by Max Reimer
  • Musical Direction by Kevin Michael Cripps
  • Set and Video Design by Lauchlin Johnston
  • Head Carpenter: Vince Folgizan, Scenic Carpenters: Kyle Sutherland, Grant Windsore, Casey Snowdon
  • Head Painter: Skai Fowler, Scenic Painter: Justus Hayes
  • Photo by Tim Matheson

Music Man

  • Theatre Under the Stars, July 8 - August 18, 2012
  • Directed by Sarah Rodgers
  • Set Design by Lauchlin Johnston
  • Choreography by Dayna Tekatch
  • Musical Direction by Christopher King
  • Head Carpenter: Vince Folgizan, Carpenter: Grant Windsor & Casey Snowdon
  • Head Painter: Skai Fowler, Scenic Painter: Justus Hayes
  • Photo by Tim Matheson

WKD Tower

  • Situated at the corner of Yonge and Dundas in Toronto
  • Promoting WKD Vodka
  • July/August 2012
  • Carpenters: Joe Gallacio, Kyle Sutherland

Viva Vancouver installation
















  • Urban Pasture installation
  • Created in Collaboration with IMU Chan of FSOARK Architect Inc.
  • July 2012
  • Created with VIVA Vancouver
  • A sitting area in the parking lane on the South side of the 1000 block off Robson
  • Carpenter: John Johnson, Casey Snowdon

Media Merchants Vending Machine


  • 14 foot tall, 10 foot wide "BC Moments" Vending Machine that surprised San Franciscans by dispensing mementos from British Columbia, including mountain bikes, golf clubs, surf boards and much, much more.
  • Created in collaboration with The Media Merchants, Citizen Optimum PR, Dare and Tourism British Columbia
  • Operated from May 17-19 in San Francisco's Justin Herman PLaza
  • Head Carpenter: Joe Gallaccio, Scenic Carpenter: Kyle Sutherland, Tech Support: Tallis Kirby

Times of India Film Awards, BC Place, April 6, 2012

Bard on the Beach 2012

Taming of the Shrew

  • King John
  • Merry Wives of Windsor
  • Macbeth
  • Taming of the Shrew
  • Head Carpenter: Keith Smith, Scenic Carpenters: Kyle Sutherland & Vince Folgizan
  • Head Painter: Skai Fowler, Scenic Painters: Angela Carlson, Lorraine West

Vancouver Opera West Side Story

  • Book by Arthur Laurents
  • Music by Leonard Bernstein
  • Lyrics Stephen Sondheim
  • October 2011
  • Queen Elizabeth Theatre
  • Carpenters: Kyle Sutherland, Joe Gallaccio
  • Head Painter: Skai Fowler, Scenic Painter: Angela Carlson

Touchstone Theatre

Eternal Hydra

  • November 1-11, 2012
  • Studio 16
  • By Anton Piatigorsky
  • Directed by Katrina Dunn
  • Set Design by David Roberts
  • Head Carpenter: Joe Gallacio
  • Head Painter: Angela Carlson

True Love Lies

  • September 21- October 11, 2011
  • By Brad Fraser
  • Directed by Katrina Dunn
  • Set and Costume Design by Drew Facey
  • In the photo: #8637: Katharine Venour, Lara Gilchnist, Andrew McIlvoy, Anton Lipovetsky and Greg Armstrong Morris.
  • In the photo: #1: Greg Armstrong Morris, Katharine Venour, Anton Lipovestky and Lara Gilchist

Demon Voice

  • Photo credit Tim Matheson
  • November 19-28, 2009
  • By Shawn Macdonald
  • Directed by Katrina Dunn
  • Set Design by David Roberts
  • In the photo: #6274: Gwynyth Walsh, Katharine Venour, Kevin K. James, Patrick Keating, Stephanie Belding and William McDonald.

How it works

  • Photo credit Tim Matheson
  • February 28-March 15, 2008
  • Written by Daniel MacIvor
  • Set Design by Ivan Morissette
  • Directed by Katrina Dunn
  • In the photo: Kerry Sandomirsky, Andrew Wheeler


  • Photo credit Tim Matheson
  • November 6-15, 2008
  • By Janet Munsil
  • Directed by Katrina Dunn
  • Set Design by David Roberts
  • In the photo: #4809: Daniel Arnold and Mike Stack
  • In the photo: #1: Daniel Arnold, Mike Stack, Donald Adams, Frank Zotter, Colleen Wheeler

Magnus Theatre

  • Piano built for You Can’t Take It With You
  • Head Carpenter - Joe Gallaccio

Theatre Replacement

  • The Greatest Cities in the World, March 9 - 13, 2010
  • Photo credit Tim Matheson
  • The Cultch, Vancouver
  • Winner of the Rio Tinto Alcan Performing Arts Award 2010: Theatre
  • Commissioned by Magnetic North Theatre Festival with support from Shadbolte Centre for the Arts
  • Created by Nneka Croal, Ruben Castelblanco, Susan Elliott, Young-Hee Kim, Andrew Laurenson, Michael Rinaldi, Tanya Podlozniuk, Jonathan Ryder, Allee Wells, Jesse Garlick, Veda Hille, Elia Kirby, James Long and Maiko Bae Yamamoto.
  • Carpenters - Elia Kirby, Kyle Sutherland

  • YU-FO by Maiko Bae Yamamoto and James Long
  • Photo Credit Itai Erdal
  • Premiered at Rumble Productions' TREMORS Festival
  • March 27-31, 2007
  • Performance Works on Granville Island, Vancouver
  • Directed by Amiel Gladstone
  • Movement direction by Sarah Chase
  • Lighting Design by Itai Erdal

Theatre La Seizieme

  • Le Perimetre
  • October 20-31, 2009
  • Studio 16
  • Written by Frédéric Blanchette. English translation: Christopher Campbell
  • Directed by Craig Holzschuh
  • Set and costume design Drew Facey
  • Head Carpenter Kyle Sutherland

Progress Lab

  • Built the cabinets
  • 1422 William Street, Vancouver
  • Head Carpenter Kyle Sutherland

Presentation House

  • A Picasso
    • By Jeffrey Hatcher
    • October 15-31, 2009
    • Directed by Rachel Ditor
    • Set Design Drew Facey
    • Head Carpenter Kyle Sutherland
  • Edward Curtis Project
    • By Marie Clements
    • Directed by Marie Clements and Brenda Leadlay
    • Set Design Tim Matheson & Andreas Kahre
    • A World Premiere Presented with Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad, and PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
    • January 21 to 31, 2010
  • Visiting Mr Green
    • By Jeff Baron
    • Directed by Neil Scott
    • Co-Produced with the Chutzpah Festival
    • February 10-27, 2011
    • Head Carpenter Kyle Sutherland
  • Queen Lear
    • By Eugene Stickland
    • A Co-Production with Western Gold Theatre
    • Directed by Colleen Winton
    • Mar 25 to Apr 10, 2010
    • Set Design Pam Johnson
    • Head Carpenter Kyle Sutherland
  • The Goat or Who is Sylvia
    • By Edward Albee
    • Set Design Pam Johnson

Patrick Street Productions

  • The Full Monty
  • March 14-April 5, 2009
  • Norman Rothstein Theatre
  • Directed by Peter Jorgensen
  • Set Design by Julie Martens
  • Head Carpenter Kyle Sutherland

Offsite, Vancouver Art Gallery

  • Located at the base of the Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver near the intersection of Georgia and Thurlow streets, Offsite presents new projects organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery every six months, funded by the City of Vancouver through the Public Art Program.
  • Curated by Daina Augaitis

  • Heather and Ivan Morison
  • October 2, 2010-May 1, 2011
  • Plaza
  • Plaza hovers between sculpture and architecture. Rising nearly three stories high, the walls of the pavilion lean outwards towards the street as if they have been torqued in all directions by an extraordinary force. The interior platform is raised above the water, propped up by crossing diagonal supports, and the roof is open to the sky. The walls are made of heavy timber beams, burnt to a dark charcoal using a Japanese technique for preserving and protecting wood from the elements called shou-sugi-ban. Visitors can enter the space, and in so doing, they become part of the artwork.
  • Head Carpenter John Popkin, fabricators: Ryan Murcar, Grant Windsor
  • Rigger Ohni Aho
  • O Zhang

  • July 20-November 29, 2009
  • Major photographic site-specific installation
  • Horizon (Sky)
  • Fabricators: John Popkin, Dominick Fontaine

Mortal Coil Ghost Train

  • October since 1999
  • Miniature Railway in Stanley Park, Vancouver
  • As the audience rides the Miniature Train through the deep dark woods they come upon many exciting, startling, and beautiful surprises
  • Carpenter Kyle Sutherland

Kensington Art Fence

  • Knight and 33rd
  • Interactive Fence
  • Fall 2011
  • Installers: John Popkin, Katherine Witts, Dylan McHugh, Phillip Piper, Ryan Murcar

Code Live 2010

  • February 4-21, 2010
  • At the Center for Digital Media on the GNW Campus, Vancouver
  • An 18-day, landmark event with visual art exhibitions, music and performances fueled by digital technology and audience involvement, will be held at three venues

Carousel Theatre

  • The Secret World of Og By Pierre Berton, adapted by Kevin Kerr
  • Presented in association with Western Gold
  • Directed by Carol Higgins
  • Set Design by Alison Green
  • April 17-May 9, 2009
  • Performed at the Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island, Vancouver
  • Head Carpenter Al Frisk, Carpenter Kyle Sutherland

Ballet BC

  • Streetcar Named Desire
  • Choreographer John Alleyne
  • Composer Tobin Stokes
  • April 16-18 2009
  • Performed at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver
  • Head Carpenter Harry Vander Schee; Scenic Carpenter John Johnston
  • Head Painter Skai Fowler

Bard on the Beach

  • 2011 Photos
  • Sets constructed at GNW
  • Set design by: Kevin McAllister
  • Scenic Artists: Omanie Elias, Skai Fowler
  • Scenic Carpenter: Keith Smith
  • Carpenters: Kyle Sutherland, Dale Baratelli
  • The Merchant of Venice, photo: David Blue
    • Directed by Rachel Ditor
  • As You Like It, photo: David Blue
    • Directed by David Mackay
  • 2012 Photos
  • Sets constructed at GNW
  • Set design by: Kevin McAllister
  • Scenic Artists: Omanie Elias, Skai Fowler and Angela Carlson
  • Scenic Carpenter: Keith Smith
  • Carpenters: Vince Folgizan, Kyle Sutherland
  • Macbeth, photo: David Blue
    • Directed by Miles Potter
    • June 13-September 30
  • The Taming of the Shrew, photo: David Blue
    • Directed by Meg Roe
    • May 31-Sept 22, 2012

Pi Theatre / Rumble Productions

  • After the Quake
  • October 13-232009
  • Produced by Pi Theatre and Rumble Productions, Presented by The Cultch
  • Set Design by Yvan Morissette, Directed by Craig Hall and Richard Wolfe
  • Performed at The Cultch, Vancouver
  • Head Carpenter Kyle Sutherland
  • Footlight Theatre (
  • Grease
    • November 9-24, 2012
    • Michael J. Fox Theatre Burnaby
    • Set design by John Bessette
    • Directed and choreographed by Lalainia Lindbjerg Strelau
    • Musical direction by Tom Arntzen and Monique Creber

Pacific Theatre

  • The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
  • At Pacific Theatre December 5-15 then on tour
  • Director: Kerri Norris
  • Head Painter: Angela Carlson