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Alice In Nightmareland

The Great Northern Way Scene Shop provides custom scenery and fabrication for theatre, dance, opera, industrial design and displays, trade shows, and architecture projects. The GNW Scene Shop started operating out of the Great Northern Way Campus in 2003. We're currently located at 281 Industrial Avenue. Our team of exceptional crafts people have a proven track record of providing quality products on schedule and on budget to local, national and international artists and arts organizations. We take pride in turning your wildest designs into reality.

Phenomenal craftsmanship!

Jessica Glass, Media Merchants

The sets you create are tremendous.

Renegade Productions

The shop has become an integral part of our theatre production work and has proven to be a vital asset to the arts community through its efficient and cost effective building facilities.

Eric Rhys Miller, Managing Artistic Director, The Only Animal

I believe that the GNW Scene Shop is an essential initiative for Vancouver's arts community and has been an important asset by providing cost effective building facilities and expertise at the highest standards of quality

Kathleen Ritter, Associate Curator Vancouver Art Gallery

The services offered by the GNW Scene shop have enabled us to increase the quality of our work while maintaining lean production budgets during these financially challenging times.

Louise Bentall, General Manager, Touchstone Theatre